Friday, July 1, 2016

Sixth Week

Hey everyone,

This was a really busy week for the us. I started the week working on refining the design of the test track in the alternative area, in order to move the track closer to the fence to save more space in the area.

On Wednesday, I went to the City Hall with Ron and Karima to ask for information on what we need to have to start the process of request a Conditional Use Permit to build the test track.
Also on Wednesday, we received the visit of high school students on the Design Center. To show them an overview of the project, each team made a quick presentation with the main points of each sub project.

On Thursday, we had a meeting with Professor McMullin, when we had the opportunity to clear some design issues of the test track and the routes. We discussed about the minimum radius of the curves, the minimum height of the car, some different options of stations.

Finally, on Friday, we had a meeting in the Barry Swenson Builder Office, that owners the area where we plan to build the test track. On this meeting we made a presentation giving an overview of the project and showing them our current idea for the test track in the area. They recommended us to use another area in the site, that would be more convenient for the companies.

So, for the next week we will work on design another track in the new area.

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